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Actions before Words


I began the journey of parenting with the challenge to myself: my children are unique from me with personal goals and hopes and joys.  To forget this and sweep them along in my own life with my own interests constantly coming first would be a large disservice to them and to our family as a whole.  The more we bloom individually, grow personally, the more we can encourage each other’s uniqueness and live together in unity, simultaneously remarkably peculiar.





Of course, this phase of life is barely beginning because I quickly realized my child’s only goals are to be near me, taking part in what I am doing.  She began crawling so she could follow me around the house.  She began standing to hug my legs.  Tiny Human chased after sharing my daily personal agenda.




When I wash dishes she sits on the counter stirring soapy dishwater happily.  When I cook she takes part or removes utensils from her cooking drawer to mimic me.



While I sweep she shadows me, dust pan in hand.  Gone are my days of dancing alone in the kitchen.  Now a little person toddles in with raised hands, begging, “Pls, pls, pls!” to join in.


The other evening I took a brief break from the dishes to sing a song on the piano.  As I returned to my work, I looked over to see Rainee, on tiptoe, one foot outstretched for the pedals like an awkward turkey, playing and singing her heart out.  It has never struck me so deeply how my every beauty and inconsistency is on show.  And she is taking it in and adopting it as her own.





Now praise the Lord that He will work through the constant errors that I’m sure to make as a parent and use them for His glory in our children’s lives, but never before have I been so challenged to examine myself to catch the errors that she will accept so willingly.  Any hint of entitlement or compliance in gossip.  My willingness to extend grace to my husband before her because he can more eloquently express his emotions.  Putting comfort before the gospel.  Failing to admit my frequent shortcomings humbly.





Last week Rainee and I were grocery shopping together and interacting with numerous strangers (as is prone to happen when you have a smiling baby in your cart).  As we waved goodbye to a kind elderly lady, I started to inform her to be kind to everyone who crosses your path for even a brief moment, because it can make a world of difference.  Instead, I was caught up in the challenge personally.





And honestly, that’s where it begins.  The frequent examining of my heart, actions, and motivations.  And it’s really hard and uncomfortable.

Get a jumpstart on me, whether you’re single, married, or parenting.  I can guarantee someone is looking up to you and mimicking your actions before your words.






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