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Some of my fondest memories of marriage fall in those last few hours before we close our eyes together every evening:

-sitting on the bathroom floor deep in conversation, realizing an hour has past since we went in to brush our teeth.

-jumping on the bed, wrestling, being young and goofy and crazy and strange.

-heartfelt conversations in that tiny space between our pillows.





Last week we were moments from sleep when I turned to D to voice my fears.  It had been a wonderful evening of dreaming together over projects we wanted to complete in our house: starting our raised garden, being inspired for artwork I had been creating to cover our little old house’s battered walls- yet as I lay in bed and daydreamed, I realized I was scared.

Scared I was falling into the “american dream” of a pretty little house with a pretty little fence.  Scared that I would provide a sense of entitlement to my kids.  Scared that I was growing wrapped up in the temporary.

I prefaced my fears with the fact that we have a desire to bless the people who enter our home.  “Groceries” is the only flexible category in our budget since it means we had oodles of people being fed in our home.  We want a place that is welcoming and comforting,  aplace where people feel rejuvenated.  And I love to “arts”.  It feeds my soul and gives me energy.  But where is the line in “living here” but not “living for here”?




Derek hugely encouraged me that night in saying we’re far from there, but then he went on to say something hugely encouraging to me.  God is a creator.  And we are made in His image to create.  It’s a gift.  A HUGE gift, and we’re meant to take joy in it.


As I thought over this again tonight, I plumbed the depths a bit further…God created the world for His glory, yes, but He clearly had us in mind as well.  His heart for us is so apparent in the beauty around us…and this is so gorgeously astounding.




Tonight I was again staring at Rainee, thinking out loud to Derek how crazy it is that God gave us any little part in helping to bring her to life.  (We’re totally going to be that old couple elbowing each other in our kid’s recitals and talent shows, giggling, “We made that!”)







God is a poet.  A romantic. An artist.





But to sum it up….

Go out and “arts” something, and thank God for creativity and wonder and beauty and the opportunity to model His heart.  It’s not a waste of time.  It’s a gift.




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