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I said goodbye to my dear girls at the house and dragged my huge suitcase out the entryway.  Deb, house mom at the ministry home, noticed I had traded the normal small bag for my giant leather suitcase.  She smiled and remarked, “Still haven’t decided what to wear yet, hmmm?”

The day was crisper, the music sounded better, the leaves were turning colors along the highway.  My excitement was unquenchable, palpable, nervous, overwhelming.  Excitement over everything I thought you might be…could be.

Now we’re 1 year past our first date.  My excitement in you is deeper now.

It’s confirmed in the way you squeeze my hand in gratitude after a meal I’ve prepared, or happily fold 2 loads of laundry for me without a second thought.  It’s built in the way you speak passionately about Christ, call us to prayer, repent humbly.  It resides in the way you cross over protectively to my other side to stand between me and a passing stranger, the way you hold me and rub my neck when I have a migraine, the way you love on me when I’m discouraged.  It revisits me when you chase me around the house like a child and we collapse into a pile, giggling, or when you whisper “I love you” and kiss my cheek at 4:30 in the morning.  It lies in the new discoveries, the old discoveries rediscovered, in who you are and who you are becoming.

There’s excitement in discovery.  You were my best discovery.

And I’m still discovering you.

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