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Resolution Perspective

I’ve been meditating, contemplating, cogitating on a thought:

“I deserve nothing.”

Basically the most freeing, un-American, un-entitled, beautiful, truest thought.



But I feel like I have everything.

A hope-filled life with a faithful Father.  A prize of a job.  A wonderful family.  A phenomenal man.


I’m utterly blessed.


I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions (unless the resolution is not making any resolutions) but I find that revisiting the faithfulness of God in the present and the past as a common exercise (especially this time of year) keeps my heart thankful, keeps me head on straight, and gives me perspective for the future.


To contemplate alone that Christ has given me everything I need for life, laced with precious promises (2 Peter 1:3-4) is a pretty fantastic thing, but on top of that all the rest of this?

I look around and feel flabbergastedly blessed.  (And I know I sorta made that word up, but it suits me right now.)


And now for some pictures to illustrate life as of late and things I am thankful for.


My whole family is together right now!  This is something that I used to take for granted, but not these days.





I work with some fantastic believers (and am blessed by their friendship daily).



Christmas… (sorry the picture is a mess of messiness…)



A visit from THIS crazy!



Annnnnd this guy.  Who makes me smile. Literally.



AND I have crossed SO much off my bucket list as of late. (largely thanks to the boyfriend.)



Rend Collective:  My first concert, and I went with some lovely people from the House! (PS Don’t stand right next to double speakers for your first concert….)



Catching Fire with the beautiful Katie (we nerded out a bit…)

Straight No Chaser in Hershey with the wonderful Mast family (who I’ve come to love).

Brian Regan ONE day after ^ in the exact same theater.  Derek bought the tickets months before we were dating “just in case”.  Worked out for us both since we BOTH love Brian!  (The only thing that makes that comedian better is hearing someone you care about laughing right next to you the entire time.)


The Campfire Tour: Absolutely fantastic worship time/double date with the House Parents.



And Pittstop, my first exchange ever.  I could write about 5 blogposts on the craziness that entire experience was and how great it was to be learning Derek more through that weekend (I believe our first or second week dating?), but here are some highlights.

Broken car. City lights. First snow. Opera house at night.  Live bands.  Floors shaking.  Sleepy faces.  Deep talks.  Car rides.  Terrifying challenges.  Little victories.  Interesting people.  Growth.


I just love dancers.  Dancers are some of the most deep and deeply interesting people.  And in our community I meet believers on the floor quite frequently who will be praying with me that same evening and challenging me in beautiful ways.


‘Course I’m currently terrifically biased.

(I feel like someone in the back is shouting, “It’s rigged!”)



^ “I don’t always dance, but when I do, men throw me into aerials I was totally unprepared for…”

(also, I was wearing shorts, don’t worry.)



I could go on and on and continue to be all over the place, chasing bunny trails and endless tangents (I’m sorry, haven’t blogged for too long….butnotsorrybecauseitsmyblog)


but it simply comes down to this:


I am a sinner saved by grace….entirely undeservedly blessed by all that He did and all that He does and all that He is.


Everything else is merely frosting to a fantastically unbelievable cake.



Let His character be your first meditation in 2014.


Stay homesick, Friend.



Psalm 71:14



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