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I will not use this post to tell you how busy I am or berate myself for not updating this thing more frequently (though both of those seem to be a pattern in my blogposts, and both would be true once again.)  Instead, I will just tell you about life and what He’s been orchestrating as of late.

Transitioning.  A normal day used to be made up of tests, classes, college.  Now my days are never the same and half the people I work for try to eat my hands on a daily basis.

In May as I pushed through finals with vigor the thought occurred to me: “I’m graduating soon…and I have no idea where I’m going from here.”  My heart’s immediate response was turmoil until I remembered His promises and His constant faithfulness.    Whether MTC was the next step, as recommended by the deans, or something else, I knew the present called for me to be raising finances, though my heart was burdened to be involved in a ministry.

During this time my sister Elisa was stepping into her next phase of life, planning a move to Haiti to work as an art teacher in a missions school. (Follow her journey here!– http://www.elisahannay.com/elisa-in-haiti.html)  I was excited and proud of her for this huge step and knew the Lord would use her, little knowing how her choices would impact my immediate future.

As she excitedly talked to her friend Ashley about this opportunity, Ashley became interested in the opening for an English teacher at the same school.  Through prayer and others wisdom she decided to follow the Lord to Haiti as well.

On the day I was fervently praying the hardest for what God would have me do I received a phone call from my sister, excitedly telling me she knew the perfect job for me.  Because Ashley was heading to Haiti, there was a need now at House of His Creation for the job she had previously been filling.  I hung up from that phone call and nearly cried over such a quick response from the Lord, overwhelmed.  Not only had the Lord provided the next step for me, but He did it through the next step of Elisa’s life and the next step of Ashley’s life!  He also provided a godly travel partner/ministry partner for my sister.

The next few weeks were a mixture of skype interviews before classes with HOHC directors, a lot of goodbyes, graduation, dinner with the House of His Creation family, shadowing, orientation, discipleship trips, a final family vacation, fingerprinting, moving (over and over)…..


Reconnecting with friends, quality time with family, bright spots…really a whirlwind.


Now I’m a House Parent Assistant, part of a wonderfully eccentric family.  We have disagreements, we grow together, we argue over Settlers, we study the Word together, we share our hearts, we share our struggles…

I get a front row seat to a lot of firsts: First teeth, first vegetables, first giggles…

I also get a front row seat to God’s provision in a non-profit ministry.  My heart has been so encouraged by how many believers partner alongside us.

And now, every day can be different, but this remains the same:

Coffee, breakfast, and time with Him.

PicMonkey Collage2

Recently I’ve been pulled back to Philippians 2 which is really illustrating what I’ve been learning.  As I learn to balance authority and relationship, as a learn to set credibility humbly, as a learn confidence in Him where He has me, I find myself returning to identity over and over.

If it’s based in anything but Him, I will fall short on numerous accounts.  But if I recognize His complete love for me, pride in how He sees me, and humility in the fact that He loves everyone equally, I can minister to the girls here with confidence and humility mixed perfectly in grace, appropriating truth on a daily basis.  I will burnout. He will not.

“Identity theft” I believe would be the most destructive danger in my life.  Pray hard with me as I continue to transition.

-For the family: wisdom, desiring Him, continued vulnerability, continued growth

-For me: focus, perseverance, grace

-For the ministry: as the vision expands, for the numerous staff, for God’s protection (Learn more about the ministry here!- http://www.hohc.org/)

As always I covet your prayers and remember you in mine.

Scandalously blessed,




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