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Anchored in Truth


Today I was sitting in Hebrews class, trying once again to take a gulp out of the waterfall of truth and wisdom being showered on me.  Truly and honestly, sometimes I consider that Bible college is so incredibly exhausting because I recognize that if I zone out, I’m not just missing knowledge, but truth, and that keeps me tiringly focused in.

Anyways, we’re branching out of Hebrews 2 into chapter 3 and I caught myself wondering over how each incredibly intricate doctrine that I add to my head knowledge (and hopefully apply to my heart) traces back to core truths.


Maybe this is incredibly childish, but I like to picture truth like the sun.  The core of that burning mass is God and His unfailing character.  The next ring out, I see His overarching plan for man, His redemption mission, His desire for restoration.  A few “truth rings” out, I see the truth of man’s insufficiency…my insufficiency.  Brokenness, helplessness, desire to be made whole.  All this to say…as I begin to grasp a ray of the farthest most outward rings of truth, the farther I chase it in, I always seem to hit those central truths on the way…there’s no escaping it.  God’s heartbeat for the world is continual and flows through everything He does…it’s all has a purpose, He is so constant.  And really…this for me is an incredible thought.

In the midst of a shifting sea of brokenness, we have an eternal security, anchored in truth.  That’s MORE then enough for me.

And really, what a great eulogy, eh?

“She pursued Truth.”




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