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WordPress Beginnings

*deep breath* OK.  Here we go.

Here I am…succumbing to mainstream means…I now own a wordpress.  I remember the first day I excitedly opened my xanga.  Back when it was cool and we waited excitedly for our 13th birthdays. (Those of us who followed the legal rules at least.)   That blog was a bunch of nothing for years, an online diary of what I deemed “important events.”  Skip ahead a few years and my xanga carried a bit more weight, though my teenybopper self used it mainly to communicate with boys. *shakes head*  After that I grew tired of misinformed miscommunication, sharply worded opinions, and in general people knowing my heart.  So I blocked the whole thing off.  And anyways, xanga was transitioning then into what it is now: the unpopular dusty blog that only us die-hard xangans were unwilling to let go of.  Only a few people could cycle through the heavily guarded pinhole of a door into my safe haven then.  But it was mostly a place of release for me, where I could spit out the jumbled mess of thoughts and begin to dissect them.  Although I’m still unwilling to open up those years of posts to the general public, I’ve come a long way since then.  As Ben and I say quite often, “That was then and this is now.”

Why wordpress now?  One of my greatest fears is forgetting what I’ve learned.  Just a year ago feels like a whole different life of a whole different person.  But that fear intensifies when I realize how easily the lessons I’ve learned slip from my mind and I fall into the same dark hole all over again.

So I’m documenting, yes.  This year has already brought so much growth, change, and adventure, both painful and wonderful.  But more so I desire to document horrifyingly fantastic convictions, beautiful thanksgivings, and the adventures of the moment.

Be patient with me.  I’m still learning that loving others is allowing them to love you in return.  I’m learning not to always be so blunt….but I say a lot of stupid things and as if this post isn’t a forewarning, I’m incredibly eclectic. Try to go easy on me.

I apologize deeply if this post was boring to read.  But you can’t get into the good stuff without understanding the background right?  And the beginning of the story is just as important as the ending.

So welcome to my world.  Sit on the floor with me and enjoy a cup of coffee.  It gets a little crazy here. But that’s how we like it.



^doesn’t this make the whole post worth it?



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